System Requirements

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  1. The Hub Requirements

    The Hub portal has been designed to work with the latest version of Internet Explorer. Adobe Acrobat must be installed in order to view the Fund documents. The latest versions of these programs may be downloaded from the following:

    Internet Explorer download

    Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader download

  2. Microsoft Office

    Excel downloads are best viewed with Microsoft Office 2007 or later. When running an earlier version of Excel, a Microsoft compatibility pack is required.

    Please click on the following link to download the compatibility pack:

  3. Screen Resolution

    The Hub is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater.

  4. Zip and download function
    1. Select your documents by clicking the appropriate check boxes in the 'Zip' column. Then click on the ‘Download’ button.
    2. In the dialog box, choose the option ‘Save’.
    3. Select a location on your local computer for the files. You may change the name of the file at this point but do not change the extension (.zip).
    4. Press close.
    5. Go to the file location you selected and double click on zip file. Double click on the document you wish to view.